I Don’t Belong Here…

I don’t belong here,

Where the life is shallow,

And there is no space for dreams.

This place where lies rule the day,

And the truth is dying to scream.


I don’t belong here,

In a world full of hypocrites,

Who are too full of themselves.

Their heads are too full of pride,

In the art of deceiving everyone excels.


I don’t belong here,

Where one pays for innocence,

And there is no one to empathise.

They would rather blame you,

Forget the word, apologise.


I don’t belong here,

In a world where love is forgotten,

And so is everything that always mattered.

There is a flashy love on sale,

And genuine trust is brutally shattered.


I don’t belong here,

Where I can call no one my friend,

And the sweetness on every face is fake.

My dear friend I trusted you,

Yet all you gave me was a heartache.


I don’t belong here,

In a world of emotionless people,

Who have nothing to give in return.

All but I can only wish,

In the fire of your karma, you don’t burn.

Begin Again!


“It was like a slight breeze,

And the feeling settled in,

Being happy with oneself,

Let the new chapter begin…


Once you let go of your fears,

There are no further obstacles,

You can fly up in the sky,

And be unstoppable.


Beyond the hazy clouds,

You will see a new sunrise,

Don’t doubt your potential,

Aim for beyond the skies.


Impediments will come your way,

And try to pull you down,

Don’t stumble so easily,

Simply conquer it with your crown.


Remember the daring have always won,

And are remembered by history,

Fight your battle each day,

And assuredly kiss your Victory.”